Flat and Multi-Layer and Developed (S) Designed Polycarbonate Sheets hold a Radiation Resistant layer with 10 years of Warranty

۱-        If during 10 years after purchase, the sheet has been broken and cause of break is due to production defects and or related to conditions as mentioned later, by delivering the defective sheet and its invoice, during 14 days, it would be replaced with a new sheet.

۲-        Under conditions that during seven years since purchase, the color of the sheet changed into yellow and or reduced its light passage conditions and this is due to production defect, Kara Polymer Kaveh will replace it with a new one under following conditions.

۳-        If the discoloration and reduced transparency occurs after 7 years and before 10 years since purchasing the sheet, Kara Polymer will deliver the defective sheet from buyer and calculates the main price based on any month since the delivery of defective sheet until the end of 10 years and will provide the buyer with sheets based on calculations. It must be mentioned that buyer must return the defective sheet and its invoice and guarantee back to the company. This guarantee is only valid for sheets manufactured by Kara Polymer Kaveh Company and cleaned based on the instructions of company.

It must be mentioned that the designed sheets have no resistance against corrosion. Therefore, no wear (scratch) would be guaranteed. This guarantee also excludes costs for re-installation, fee of manufacturing and or any other defect except failure and discoloration and losing its transparency that might be occurred (whether direct and indirect).

۴-        Failure (fracture): during the installation, by observing the recommended principles, if the sheets manufactured by Kara Polymer Kaveh Company have been fractured during work and this fracture is due to production defect, and also confirmed by expert of Kara Polymer Kaveh Company, this company will replace these sheets according to conditions as mentioned in this guarantee.

۵-        This guarantee is valid for sheets manufactured and cleaned (based on the instructions of Kara Polymer Kaveh Company). For different usages and for all usage cases, one could not introduce a kind of a materials as “unbreakable”.

۶-        Discoloration and transparency: this guarantee has been provided against discoloration and reduced transparency only for transparent sheets according to the instructions and unawareness of customer from such standards and instructions may not relieve its responsibility.

۷-        This guarantee is valid for reduced light conduction due to highly discoloration resulting in undesirable quality; however, it isn’t valid for reduced transparency due to the effects of dust under climate conditions as well as scratches.

۸-        This company provides no guarantee for any specific damage, secondary damage and damages from overuse of electricity and failing to observe the sales agreement and usage procedure of the sheet. This company isn’t also responsible for paying for the amounts exceeding from main sales invoices at all.

۹-        All sheets manufactured by Kara Polymer Kaveh must be protected by a ani-UV layer with the company’s seal and logo must be inserted on it. Unawareness of customer should not relieve its responsibility for this purpose.

۱۰-    The project must be implemented by installers who are confirmed by sales representatives of Kara Polymer Kaveh Company.

۱۱-    During installation, the UV side of sheets manufactured by Kaveh Polymer determined with a print on the protective layer, must be put in sun direction.

۱۲-    All instructions printed on the sheet’s cellophane and company’s website must be observed.

۱۳-    This company has no responsibility for sheets lacking the main logo of Kara Polymer Kaveh Company.


Procedure for Cleaning the Flat and Multi-Layer and (S) Designed Developed Polycarbonate Sheets

a-         Don’t clean the sheets under direct sunlight.

b-        Repeat washing by water and dry its surface by a soft cloth and prevent staining any drop of water.

c-         Use a soft cloth and or sponge and wash it slowly to clean any dust and spots remained. Don’t scratch the surface and don’t use a brush as well. The coating isn’t resistant against abrasion.

d-        Wash the sheet by warm water and soap