Instructions for Installing and Supporting and Using PVC Tiles 60×۶۰

PVC square-shaped suspended ceilings are accounted as the most applicable types of suspended ceilings. These tiles come in dimensions of 60×۶۰٫ For their installation, they are infrastructure initially by using aluminum and galvanized steel tee section profiles as networks with dimensions 60×۶۰ and then PVC tiles are put on it. Some advantages of this kind of ceilings include easy and quick installation, 100% water resistant and are suitable for wet regions with ability of installing any kind of valve and light in the ceiling.

Parts Required for Installation

  • Galvanized steel tee sections 3.60, 1.20, 0.60
  • Galvanized steel angle L24 (two ceilings)
  • Galvanized steel angle HT90
  • Hanger spring with wire

Stages for Implementing the PVC Suspended Ceiling 60×۶۰

  • It is to determine the alignment line of the working surface (by alignment hose and rope or laser aligner);
  • Screw and punch the galvanized steel angle L24 in the determined surface throughout the space to the body of the building;
  • Installing the galvanized steel angles HT90 in the intervals of 90 cm to the main ceiling of the building in the route of steel tee sections 3.60.
  • Installing the wire and or hanger spring to HT90 steel angles for hanging the steel tee section 3.60.
  • Installing the main chassis (steel tee section 3.60) to wire and surrounding steel angle;
  • Clicking the steel tee sections 1/20, 3, 3.60 and tee sections 1/20, 3, and 0.6;
  • Putting the PVC tiles among chassis.

Usages of PVC Suspended Ceilings:

Partitioning the reception hall, living room, bed room, furniture, bath, hygiene service and usage in the façade of the buildings, decorations, office, shop, stores, commercial, administration and residential buildings, internal spaces of hotels, organizations, restaurants, conference rooms,…