PVC Hot Stamp Coating Panel:

This category of products, manufactured by Kara Polymer Kaveh, include panels having a very thin and resistant layer of a coating stick as stamp on their surface. Stamp panels come with 8 mm in thickness and 20 cm in width and produced in length of 6m. These panels are used in the parking lots, kitchens, and hygiene services. The main properties of these panels includes water resistance, and flexibility as well as light weight. The thin coating added on the surface of hot stamp is made out of film and zinc label with its color changes in different sight angles. The reasons for high physical resistibility of this structure is the component of its desirable raw materials and suitable structure together with internal slots of the panel.

  • Water resistance of hot stamp panels;
  • Anti-insect and anti-bacteria;
  • High physical resistance;
  • High flexibility;
  • Insulation against acoustic and thermal factors;
  • Light weight and its specific weight
  • Easy transportation;
  • Easy cleaning;
  • Having longer lifespan;
  • Having various colors and designs;
  • Having even and smooth thickness in the surface layer;
  • Resistant against corrosion and heat;
  • Resistant against moisture;
  • Usable in various climates.