PVC Laminated Panels

PVC laminated panels of Kara Polymer Kaveh are used for coating the surface of walls and interior designs manufactured in different designs and colors. These panels are the best method for fine work of residential, office, commercial and industrial places and could be also used on plastered rugged walls. Kara Polymer Kaveh’s panels are considered as the best replacement for plywood wall panels and eliminates spending money for repairing the wall because of its high lifespan. These panels are manufactured with 8mm in thickness, 20 cm in width and 6 m in length together with different colors and designs.

Advantages of PVC Laminated Panels include:

  • Providing elegant and beautiful coating for building’s walls;
  • Providing light weight for building;
  • Acoustic insulation;
  • Anti-shock;
  • Anti-insect and anti-bacteria;
  • Easy cleaning and washable;
  • Flexibility;
  • Resistant against UV light;
  • Resistant against moisture;
  • Thermal insulation;
  • Thermal resistance;
  • Quick and easy installation;

Energy and fuel saving