Dual-Layer and Multi-Later Polycarbonate Sheet with Design (S):

Dual-layer polycarbonate sheets of design (S) have been produced and supplied for the first time by using state of art technology and very high quality in Kara Polymer Kaveh Company. Some unique and important properties of these sheets include distribution of “S” Design lines throughout the sheet increasing its mechanical strength and vulnerability with almost 100 times resistant than a glass with the same thickness. Because “S” Design Lines have been distributed in whole body of the sheet, it can provide mild light emission and reflection. Developed “S” Design Polycarbonate sheets have excellent flexibility and bending radius besides possessing high impact strength and light transmission capability. They are produced in various colors and 4, 6, 8, 10, 16 and 20 mm in thickness and standard dimensions of 6000× ۲۱۰۰۰ mm and due to their reduced energy waste and lower flammability and resistant against chemical solvent and impacts and forces, they could be used in different industrial fields such as promoting the beautification culture and decorations, construction culture and its related technology with increasingly usage.

Generally, grooves and ribs have been extended in whole sheet in “S” shape in Polycarbonate Sheets with “S” Design, so it has increased its compaction and density and turned it into an ideal, precious and unique product and invention of Kara Polymer Kaveh Company.

Thanks to boarding efforts of its engineers and specialists, and along with resistance economy and assisting the national products and observing the orders of Supreme Leader, Kara Polymer Kaveh Company has invented Developed S design sheets for the first time that are unique and precocious and could provide a turning point in the building modernization and decoration industry.

Advantages of Dual-Layer and Multi-Later Polycarbonate Sheet with Design (S):

  • Transparency of these sheets is over than 86%;
  • Light reflection on their surface is mild and pleasant;
  • It prevents energy wastes;
  • Due to the presence of anti-UV layer on its external surface, it prevent penetration of harmful and destructive sun radiation;
  • Dual-Layer and Multi-Later Polycarbonate Sheet with Design (S) come with silence property and are applicable in extended temperature range of -40 to 120o
  • Their impact strength is 250 times of glass;
  • They are resistant against chemicals and other solvents;
  • The most important point of these polycarbonate sheets of (S) design is distribution of (S) designed lines across the sheet providing important effect in its strength and causing the mild diffusion of light on its surface;
  • Physical shape of (S) Design Sheets wouldn’t be deformed;
  • The strength of these sheets comparing to the glass with the same thickness is 100 times;
  • They are produced in different thicknesses and colors;
  • They have higher flexibility and bending radius;
  • They have lower flammability.