Double-Walled and Multi-Walled Polycarbonate Sheet

In regular polycarbonate sheets, the grooves are extended to the end of the sheet in parallel but not covering whole sheet surface, while they made out of polymer material and dual-walled polycarbonate sheets has more stability than glass, but cannot emit the light evenly.

The insulation ability of dual-walled polycarbonate sheets is higher and manufactured in various colors and thicknesses together with easier transportation and lower risk for installing these sheets and cuts on them and they are highly resistant against impacts and scratches. Dual-walled polycarbonate sheets are produced in the thicknesses of 4, 6, 8, 10, 16 and 20 mm and dimensions of 6000 × ۲۱۰۰۰ mm with various colors and dimensions of their thickness upon the order of customer.

Advantages of Double-Walled and Multi-Walled Polycarbonate Sheet

  • It has higher stability than glass;
  • It has higher insulation capability;
  • Easier transportation of these sheets;
  • Cutting the double-layer polycarbonate sheets has lower risk;
  • The transparency of double-layer and multi-layer polycarbonate sheets is 86%;
  • They have high chemical resistance;
  • They have lighter specific weight;
  • Some physical properties of these sheets include:

Tensile module of 2200 and tensile stability of 60 and elongation 8% and resistance more than 95 and bending model 235 and density 1-2 g/cm2 and softness point 145 degrees centigrade and mode change temperature is 135 degrees centigrade and impact resistance of > 24 kg/m; water absorbance of -2% for virtual sky; coating the back yard; coating the dome and coating the parking lot are among usages of these sheets; they are also used in greenhouses and stadiums, hotels, pools and any place requiring strong coating and flexible transparency.