UPVC Shelter

This kind of sheet is made out of UPVC polymer having complete resistant against different climate conditions such as tropical and sub-tropical, rainy and snowy weathers and is produced maximum 12m in length, 20 cm in width and 2mm in thickness. It doesn’t lose its color under direct sunlight because of having UV coating; its usage becomes increasingly important because of increased usage of types of cars and motorbikes in modern day as well as numerous number of organizational and private vehicles and personnel of the organizations and public departments and factories as well as requirement for building the parking lots for these vehicles as well as properly taking care of them and protecting them against environmental pollutants. Due to their flexibility, UPVC sheets are used in types of light curvature and broken surfaces together with stability as well as full sealing and provide the construction industry professionals with considerable facilities.


Specifications of UPVC Shelter

۱-        Auto protection against snow and precipitation;

۲-        Preventing the disadvantages from UV radiation and dust;

۳-        Easy displacement and quick installation;

۴-        Resistant against environmental contaminations;

۵-        High durability and lifespan;

۶-        Compatibility with types of climate conditions;

۷-        Resistant against corrosion and rotting,…

۸-        Designed based on know-how of specialists and skilled persons;

۹-        Designed against climate conditions such as sunlight radiation angle and wind speed and snow and rain;

۱۰-    Inspection of design consultant and providing 3D maps and designs for shelter and parking lot for types of vehicles;

۱۱-    These sheets have high strength and tolerate against heavy snow and relatively heavy precipitation (150 kg) without being cracked and damaged.

۱۲-    They have self-cleaning state;

۱۳-    Dimensional stability of these sheets is high against contraction and expansion and their geometrical shape remains unchanged.

۱۴-    Their electrical insulation (UPVC) protect them against damage due to sudden electric charge discharge.


Advantages of UPVC Shelter

۱-        High speed of installation and easy implementation;

۲-        They are suitable insulation against heat and cold;

۳-        Due to having anti-UV, there is no discoloration against direct sunlight;

۴-        One of its important advantages is low coefficient of temperature conduction to the surface under the coating, so it assists protecting the auto body;

۵-        Tolerating the live load;

۶-        Tolerating snow and bodies.



Applications of UPVC Shelter

This kind of coating made out of UPVC is used for manufacturing and installing the shelter for vehicle and suspended ceiling and shutter wall and parking lot; their high arc functionality provides elegance and creativity when designing the shelters by designers.