PVC Hot Stamp Coated Tile 60×۶۰

Kara Polymer Kaveh Company produces stamp suspended ceiling out of PVC with 8 mm in thickness and a hot stamp film and zinc stamp coating layer is covered in its upper layer and its color changes in different sight angles. The reasons for high physical resistibility of this structure is the component of its desirable raw materials and suitable structure together with internal slots of the tile. Such a coordinated and harmonious structure caused the division of its weight evenly on its cross section providing no curvature and bending in the tile.

Advantages of PVC Hot Stamp Coated Tile 60×۶۰

  • Water resistant
  • High strength against temperature;
  • High strength against corrosion
  • High and long lifespan;
  • Relatively high variety of color and design;
  • Anti-insect and anti-bacteria;
  • Having smooth and suitable thickness in the surface layer;
  • High physical resistance;
  • Having elegant and very attractive appearance;
  • Providing the field of creativity and idea for designers.