PVC Laminated Tile 60×۶۰

In cases that it is very important to accessing the back of the suspended ceiling, PVC Laminated Tile 60×۶۰ are used as suspended ceiling in the building. Using tiles 60×۶۰ in the ceiling provides this possibility to completely hide the technical facilities and canals under these materials; thus, it provides the ceiling with an elegant appearance. Using PVC laminated tile 60×۶۰ in the buildings may considerably reduce the heat conduction between internal and external space of the building. Because an insulation has been used in PVC suspended ceilings, if it has been implemented correctly and without any suture and defect in the upper floors, it considerably prevent heat and cold conduction between internal and external space.

Advantages of PVC Laminated Tile 60×۶۰:

  • Various design and color
  • Water resistant
  • Flexibility
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Thermal insulation
  • Easy cleaning
  • Providing a space in the ceiling for embedding the light equipment and facilities
  • Giving an elegant appearance to the ceiling of homes and houses
  • Easy transportation
  • Inflammability
  • Resistant against diluted alkaline and acids

Suitable for all climate conditions