PVC Printed Tile, 60× ۶۰

In this kind of PVC tile, there isn’t used of coating for covering the tile; but the design is directly printed on this tile. For protecting the printed design, a UV Lacquer layer is added on tile. These tiles are water resistant and their economic saving put this product of Kara Polymer Kaveh Company as the bestselling ones.

Advantages of PVC Printed Tile, 60×۶۰

  • Prevent passing the harmful sunlight radiation;
  • Easy and quick transportation;
  • Easy and quick installation;
  • Water resistant;
  • Anti-insect and anti-bacteria;
  • With light density (specific weight);
  • Acoustic and thermal insulation;
  • Cost saving;
  • It is possible to launch any design on the tile;
  • UV plastic layer protects the design and print on the tile.