Plan & Implementation Department for Panels & Tiles and Polycarbonate Sheets

Plan and Implementation Department of Kara Polymer Kaveh has two separate parts called Unit for Designing, Idea and Interior Decoration and Amount Calculations as well as Unit for Implementing and Installing the Product. Both departments progress the trend for designing, innovation, creativity and idea making step to step based on the view of customers and finally by consulting with consultants and experts of interior design department, they execute it. Meanwhile, accurate attention to details and creating an elegant and modern environment for employers is the main objective of Plan and Implementation Department. Anxious quest and specialty together with sincerity of idea makers and creative men in Kara Polymer Kaveh finally resulted in invention of (S) design polycarbonate sheets that is considered as a big step towards development of construction industry and decorative industry. Taking advantage of the activities of Plan and Implementation Department, Kara Polymer Kaveh played important role in selling the PVC panels and PVC suspended Ceilings in the country.