Research & Development (R&D) Department

R&D Department of Kara Polymer Kaveh Company has fundamental assistance for promoting the company’s level. This department continuously communicates with customers for providing the products with the best quality and by taking the feedbacks from customers and studying the recommendations and criticisms and reflecting them to the production department, performs necessary attempts for promoting the quality of product. Actions taken by R&D department detailed as below:

  • Preparing the procedures for installation and methods of operation and maintenance of products for supplying to the customers;
  • Preparing the various papers and publications for company’s products;
  • Designing new projects for producing new products;
  • Equipping the quality control lab to the state of art devices;
  • Lab department of this company is well equipped to the state of art technologies and modern devices used for testing the raw materials when receiving to the factory and testing in the production process and test in the final stage, before dispatching to the customers. Materials entered to the factory must be tested to prevent any probable issue and problem during production and avoid any additional costs.

Tests Conducted on the products include:

Determination of tensile strength, distortion, compaction strength,… that are accounted as the main factors. Shrinkage rate of the product and hardness of the sheets under different environmental conditions that are conducted by lab department. Some other tests conducted in the lab include determination of anti-UV layer and thickness of this layer as well as conducting the simulation test and resistance against UV.