By beginning the production of regular bi-layer polycarbonate sheets as well as other products in Kara Polymer Kaveh Company, company’s management took considerable care of development of sales and marketing the products and since beginning the production, it could extensively contact with customers in all points of the country and after reviewing the sample of products and negotiations with customers, the cargos of this company shipped to all cities of Iran and delivered to the customers.

This company has also been introduced as the first manufacturer and inventor of (S) Design Developed Sheets and its products is considered as a unique one in all cities in the country. Because of the unprecedented and idea properties in (S) Design Developed Sheets, its usage is developing in different areas of the industry, particularly construction industry.

Besides producing regular and traditional bi-layer sheets as well as (S) design developed sheets and is among inventions of this company, along with self-sufficiency of national industry and production, Kara Polymer Kaveh Company has produced panels and suspended ceilings as well.

Orders are mostly placed by company’s website and telephone,… Consumers and producers of Kara Polymer Kaveh Company are considered this company as one of their main suppliers; therefore, besides supplying the sheets required for national consumers, this company is also negotiating with a few foreign countries to export its products overseas; currently, traditional bi-layer sheets and (S) design developed sheets and PVC panels and suspended ceilings produced by Kara Polymer Kaveh Company are supplying throughout the country for being sold in fair cost.